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Historically Croydon was always part of Surrey although since 1965 it was amalgamated as part of South London. This has been a matter of fierce debate amongst locals and government for many years and given that that Royal Mail still includes Croydon within its Surrey boundaries, indeed many postal codes are still labelled as part of Surrey, some residents hotly refuse to accept their London inclusion! In a recent survey of residents over 70% admitted that they tell people they come from Surrey rather than from South London.

Until recently, Croydon was the largest commercial district outside Central London with a very strong night time economy and exhaustive shopping facilities. The Whitgift centre, centrale and the Drummond centre are soon to be joined by a new Westfield style shopping mall which will, no doubt, increase the volume of daily visitors tremendously. Our Croydon escorts enjoy shopping, of course, and they certainly make fantastic partners for a day out at the malls. Their excellent taste and style is obvious so if you are looking to update your wardrobe then our ladies are always more than happy to accompany you and offer their highly regarded advice.

Croydon has indeed come a long way from its early days as part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s estate. Shopping was the mainstay of the area even back in the 13thcentury when a market charter was first decreed. Croydon Palace played host to Kings and Queens throughout its tenure as the Archbishops summer residence and parts of this building still remain in the Old Palace school today. References to this episcopal background are still seen today in the names of the streets around the town. Whitgift, Sheldon, Laud, Cranmer and Parker roads and streets have all taken their names from the various Archbishops who were prominent in the area throughout the last 500 years. Who knew that Croydon had such religious links? When Croydon Palace had become run down and was deemed too much work to restore, the Archbishop was moved to nearby Addington Palace and this beautiful Palladian mansion can still be enjoyed and visited in all its original glory today.

Addington House has been in existence since the 16th century and at the time that the Archbishops were installed in the property it had previously belonged to the Trecothick and Leigh families. The property was already very much as it stands today although there have been some additions and remodelling made in the early 1900’s. Addington House has had something of a difficult past given that it has seen so many owners throughout its history. None seemed able to capture the heart of the place and many lost interest very quickly. The property was sold to Addington Golf club before the first world war however due to more pressing needs, it was used by the Red Cross. Once the first world war had ended the club decided to use it as a hotel, however this venture was somewhat short lived with the declaration of war in 1939. Holidays in country houses were no longer in the forefront of the day’s landed gentry.

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The building stood somewhat unloved for the next few decades. Sold to a local authority which had neither the time nor the budget to spend on the estate, it was ripe for a private company takeover in themed 1990’s. Today the house has been lovingly and lavishly restored to its initial beauty and glory and is used as a wedding, conference and banqueting venue as well as a health farm and hotel spa and country club. Finally, the estate is loved and enjoyed as it should have been from the start and indeed it has seen its own Royal guests when our present Queen visited for her Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Croydon has a wealth of history and importance to the city which is simply not recognised anymore. For those who have no idea of its important past, Croydon is just another inner city area in South London they have no idea that Croydon was Central London’s main airport before the war, despite the fact that commercial flight was yet to become popular. The town bore the scars of this importance as it was heavily bombarded by German bombs seeking to obliterate the airport however these V2 rockets only succeeded in destroying much of the town itself. There was a great deal of regeneration focused on Croydon after the war which shaped it into the place we recognise today. Our stunning Croydon escorts love to explore the town and find out interesting historic facts about it so if you are in the area and fancy a day out exploring then our beauties would be more than happy to spend time with you.

As you can see, if you scratch the surface you usually find something new and interesting. Taking time to explore means that you are rewarded with wonders you would probably have missed otherwise. Our beautiful Croydon escorts take this advice quite literally and apply it to their dates. They take the time to explore and investigate. They find out what their clients enjoy and then take it to another level of pleasure. A date with our London escorts in Croydon is one which will allow you the opportunity to find out new things and discover new delights you may not had known existed.

Croydon is taking this advice and applying it to the town quite literally. A massive redevelopment is in the planning to totally redesign the town and take elements of its colourful and exciting past to enhance its future. It is not enough to be known as having a booming night time economy. Indeed, with so many places to enjoy when the sun goes down, Croydon now needs to focus on retaining those evening visitors when the sun comes up in the morning. Our Croydon escorts are already successful in this area. Quite often our clients request to extend their overnight encounter as they simply do not want to return to the real world. This is perhaps what the planners in Croydon need to recapture for future success.