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Earls Court is an elite area in London within the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, this is the page to find our variety of Earls Court escorts. It boasts Kensington and Chelsea as its neighbours within this borough however it has never quite followed along the same genteel pathways. For much of its history, Earls Court has been something of the black sheep of the triumvirate. The lesser, the more flamboyant and the non-conformist of the three, Earls Court has attracted the outspoken and the outlandish for centuries however all that is set to change with the proposed redevelopment of this prime London real estate.

When England was still young, the area now known as Earls Court was included in amongst the 771-acre estate owned by the De Vere family. A noble and illustrious line, the first Aubrey de Vere was entrusted as the tenant in chief of England for William The Conqueror in 1086. He held land and acreage in nine counties, part of which included the place that was to become known as Earls Court. The land was passed down through the generations and much of it was ignored by the Earls who owned it but instead, managed by a court of officials. This is said to be where name Earls Court was derived.

Earls Court Manor house was the site upon which the orders of the Earls were undertaken and acted upon. It was, in fact, a working farm too but served as a court house and general guildhall for the area. An imposing building, it was demolished to make way for Cope castle, (now known as Holland House) a huge Elizabethan style castle which dwarfed the previous building by epic proportions. Holland house was the go to location for all the best parties and social gatherings. It was passed through various noble families and various areas of acreage were lost however the property remained as one which had the largest private gardens of any place in London, including Buckingham palace! Much of Holland House was destroyed during World War II although the East wing remains today.

Holland House is, in fact part of the area known as Holland Park but when the property was originally built in the 16th century this area formed Earls Court. Over time, boundaries have changed somewhat and Earls Court is actually smaller than it was originally set out.

Despite its noble pedigree, Chelsea and Kensington were always favoured and development escalated in these areas first. It was only when this saturated that attentions were turned to Earls Court and to meet the needs of those who could not afford the grand stucco houses in the other neighbourhoods, smaller and cheaper properties were built. Of course, this attracted those who were not of noble ancestry yet still needed easy access to the city but the reputation of the area was formed and it has always been on the backfoot of its neighbours ever since.

Our society today is slightly less structured and our Earls Court escorts know this very well. Through the 18th century fame came to those who wrote poetry, stories, songs, artists and performers of all kinds saw their wealth and fame grow. These were the bohemian types who chose to set up home in Earls Court. They were snubbed by the gentry and worshiped by ordinary folks and Earls Court offered the perfect location to create their own enclave. The reputation as a transient area continued until its peak in the 20th century. With two world wars, there were hundreds of thousands of people displaced. Polish people arrived in Earls Court (the official location for a polish government in exile) and set about resuming their trade in the area earning Earls Court the nickname of the Danzig corridor.

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By this time the Exhibition centre was the jewel in the crown. It hosted all types of wild and amazing entertainment. A huge Ferris wheel, rivalling our own London eye in size even then and performances from entertainment groups from all over the world. Of course people came from far and wide to enjoy and experience these delights however never were they to be held in neighbouring Kensington or Chelsea!

As with most London areas, regeneration evolves all the time. This is determined by the people of the area and their changing needs. With such overcrowding, many of the large terraces were converted into flats and apartments and filled with many families. This did not help to maintain a gentrified area thus lowering the value and the tone.

A new chapter in the life of Earls Court is set to begin and this is one which will put it finally on a par with Kensington and Chelsea. The tired and somewhat redundant exhibition centre was demolished to make way for a proposed £8billion regeneration, the aim of which is to borrow from the best classical crescents, parks and squares in neighbouring areas. At last, Earls Court will blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

The new proposals aim to create quality green spaces, shops, leisure facilities and upscale residential living perfect for those who like to fully appreciate and enjoy their surroundings. Our elite Earls Court escorts are more than delighted with these proposals as it means that finally the area in which they live will reflect their elegance and glamour and of course, our clients are more likely to want to spend more time in this part of London too.

Our elite earls Court escorts have always been a major draw to the area however with the decline of the exhibition centre, which was the reason for much footfall in the later part of the 20th century, its demise has left Earls Court a little empty. If this regeneration in Earls court is as successful as the Docklands area in East London, our Earls Court escorts will soon find that demand for their time will increase even further. Our London escort agency is always preparing for future trends and needs in London and so we are always seeking to increase and expand our galleries. Clients can always enjoy a wonderfully diverse portfolio of the most stunning Earls Court escorts and soon they can enjoy not only the company, but the surroundings too.