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Kensington Escorts

From humble beginnings as marsh and heath land, Kensington has risen to epic proportions in terms of desirability. For nearly 400 years, Kensington has been known as a location for ‘persons of quality and note’ although in the beginning this was because of the fresh air to be found in this almost remote spot outside the city. Large tracts of land were purchased by the nobility and large mansion houses were built, the scale of which would put the present day Buckingham palace to shame! One by one they were sold through the generations with many being demolished in the name of capital gain and progression, until we have only watercolours and prints to prove their very existence.

Kensington Palace and its extensive gardens, a popular tourist attraction to this day, is a place where our clients love to spend the day with their chosen Kensington escort companion. A wander around the 265 acre gardens is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon and one could almost believe that the area was once again a rural retreat rather than being in the heart of South west London. Events are regularly held in the gardens and make for great ways in which to spend an afternoon in the city however when you are in the company of our glorious escorts in Kensington, every moment is one to cherish.

Kensington is both a commercial and residential thriving hub. Its residents are extremely wealthy, they have to be, since properties from Kensington high street to Notting Hill sell in their £millions. It is not surprising then to find that our most elite South Kensington escorts are located in and around this part of London and whilst all our beauties tend to offer outcalls to Kensington, some clients simply prefer to spend time with someone who is local to the area.

There is plenty to do both day and night in this exclusive part of London although here, you will find a more subdued and refined ambience which infuses the very air. Designer shops are quiet, airy and sales staff hover quietly in the background, it is no secret our Kensington escorts adore shopping. Cafes tend to offer alfresco dining, so people watching is a popular past time. Locals tend to take their time over an early morning cappuccino and there is little evidence of the hive of activity that keeps the money flowing in this part of London. Like everything else in Kensington, this is performed in hushed reverence for proper etiquette and never flaunted.

Typical Kensington Street
Affluent Kensington Street

Sexy Kensington Escort Girls

At our London escort agency you will notice that our beautiful Kensington escort girls share many qualities with locals in this part of London. They possess understated glamour, obvious panache and undeniable style. Our escorts are perfect for all social occasions as they are used to mixing within the highest echelons of society. In Kensington there are many business dinners and gala balls held at the Palace itself as well as other high profile venues such as the Copthorne Tara hotel. Our elite London escorts are the perfect dates for these events as they carry themselves with grace and style, further enhancing your own social profile.
Even if you had something a little more intimate in mind, there are plenty of luxurious hotels to choose from in this part of London. Given that this area is extremely popular with tourists, there are a plethora of short term accommodation choices available. The Milestone hotel has to be one of the most prestigious in the area. Dating back to the mid 17th century, this elegant hotel overlooks Kensington Palace gardens and offers rooms, suites and long stay private apartments. An apartment offers even more privacy should you be staying in London on an extended trip and once you meet with our gorgeous Kensington escorts, you are likely to want to stay just that little bit longer. Hotel suites offer every luxury imaginable and, as this is Kensington in London, Concierges are blessed with absolute discretion. Everyone is a VIP here, including pets, as this hotels offers a unique pet VIP service for those who cannot bear to leave their furry friend behind! Turns out that turn down treats are for everyone.
At some point you are likely to have built up a ravenous appetite and of course our Kensington escorts are happy to join you for dinner or afternoon tea. There are a myriad of local restaurants to choose from and depending on your palate and preferences, you could enjoy award winning cuisine from all around the world. Choose from modern British Brasseries, authentic Italian, spicy sushi or romantic French for that dinner a deux with your highly delectable London escort in Kensington. This part of London is dominated by a French influence, given that there is a high volume of French ex-pats living here.

Kensington is in no doubt one of the most elegant and exclusive areas in the city and yet it is awash with tourists in the daytime, all visiting the museum quarter and other places of interest like the Albert Hall. If you want to catch a concert or cultural performance, this is the place to do it. Events are not always expensive as the ‘Free Friday Kitchen’ performances in the Italian kitchen prove and here you can sit back grab a bite to eat and something to drink and relax in the intimate yet plush atmosphere.

Kensington is just as highbrow as you might expect however as much as our beautiful Kensington escorts are considered to be VIP and elite, they are still very down to earth and approachable too. With warm and friendly personalities our seriously sexy sirens are open to all suggestions in ways to have fun. Underneath the elegant exterior, clients will find that our tantalising temptresses have a red hot molten core, predisposed to passion. The choice, as you see in our gallery, is extensive and whilst this may cause some consternation, our team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance where required. Just a quick call to our team and you can have your encounter booked with the lady of your choice at a time and location that is convenient to you. Why not call now and experience our exemplary service.