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Blonde Escorts

It is said that most men would rather date a blonde beauty but marry a brunette. Perhaps this is because men also tend to see the stereotypical image of a blonde as being much more fun and better suited to partying. Whilst this is not always true and plenty of girls with darker hair are also a great deal of fun, at our high class London escort agency our blonde escorts are truly the life and soul of every encounter.

Blonde Escorts from Around the World

As you will see below our agency represents a number of blondes from around the world and so you can see from the variation of each of our blonde London escorts that the choice is a little more difficult than choosing simply a blonde or a brunette, or even a redhead for that matter. Blonde hair encompasses a number of different hues and so as you can see in our blonde London escort gallery our beauties range from honeyed tones to stark platinum whites.

The shade of blonde that is natural to each escort tends to depend on her roots – not follicle roots but heritage. Scandinavian blondes tend to have a much whiter tone to their blonde colour and this goes with their fair skin tone whilst those sexy beauties from South America tend to display a more golden blonde which of course goes well with their more olive skin tone. Escorts from Europe are generally a mixture of both and of course in our Blonde London escort gallery we also include those whose blonde comes from a bottle.

London escorts who highlight their hair are also included in our gallery simply because the overall look is a blonde colour, the same applies to when escorts colour their hair a darker shade , we ensure they are included in the correct gallery according to their look. Whilst hair colour is often enhanced and changed, personality traits that are often associated with certain colours of hair remain and so it is typical to expect our blonde escort companions to be bright and bubbly whilst those with darker shade of hair are more sultry and sensual.

The Blonde Figures That Add Up

One thing you will find with all of our London escorts, regardless of the hue or shade of their hair is the fact that they all possess those personality qualities that make them so adorable. Equally, each of our stunning blonde escorts and indeed our brunette and red haired companions have the most sensational figures and model looks which will captivate and enthral for the duration of your date. One thing we will state though is the fact that, whilst the trend is to expect blondes to be less intelligent than girls with different hair colours, this is not true at our London escort agency.

Each of our Blonde escorts is well travelled and well educated. It is unfair to assume that a blonde beauty is lacking in intellect simply because she was born with, or chooses, lighter coloured hair. All our beautiful London escorts are chosen specifically for the unique qualities they bring to our agency and whilst that does include beauty and physical appeal it also includes the ability to converse comfortably on a variety of subjects and also to fit in with different social circles.

Blonde Escort Girls for all Occasions

We usually find that our clients are fairly targeted about the type of escort they want to date. It may be that they have a specific engagement or event in mind and want to arrive with just the right type of woman by their side. Our blonde escorts are perfectly suited to such occasions and most of our ladies have the correct attire for balls, gala dinners and black tie events. They look breathtaking in their elegant evening wear and you are sure to turn heads upon your arrival and throughout the entire evening.

Of course not all dates are booked for high brow events, many of our clients enjoy the company of a beautiful blonde for a more casual encounter and of course our stunning escort companions are just as comfortable in these situations too. It allows for a more intimate encounter and a chance to get to know one another much better and this is usually the point at which our clients realise that the statuesque blonde by their side is so much more than just a pretty face and an alluring body.

On this subject, of course as you can see, our blondes certainly have sensational hour glass figures which only enhance their overall appeal. We also include busty escorts, mature escorts and bisexual escorts in our blonde galleries and so if clients have more specific tastes then they can make their choice from our extensive and varied portfolio.

Our fair haired stunners are all girls about town and are all happy to offer outcall encounters to all areas of the city. It is quite often the case that visiting businessmen wish to spend time with one of our sensual and alluring blonde escort girls, if only for a single hour. At our London escort agency we aim to make things as simple as possible for clients to book their trysts and so it really is a case of choosing the most suitable London escort according to personal needs and then calling our team to make all the arrangements. We can usually have the blonde London escort of your choice with you in a short time but of course given the beauty and demand for such stunners we would always advise that clients book with as much advance notice as possible in order to avoid any disappointment.

The greatest fantasy for most men is to spend time with more than one beauty at the same time and within our blonde escort girls gallery we have a number of genuinely bisexual escorts. These are the companions who are best suited to duo encounters and indeed couples date in some cases but of course if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds – or have your cake and eat it – why not make a duo date with a blonde and a brunette at the same time? For that you will need to visit our brunette escorts gallery once you have chosen your favourite blonde escort in London!