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Duo Escorts

Duo escorts are the ultimate encounter any man could enjoy. There are few men out there who do not dream of spending intimate time with not one, but two women at the same time and our duo escort encounters provide exactly that!

There are variations on every theme, as you might expect and in some cases the gentleman will want to be the sole beneficiary of both escorts’ attentions whilst other gents like to have everyone involved in all aspects of the fun. It may surprise you to learn that not all escorts who are happy to offer duo services are bisexual. This is because in some cases the client will prefer that the escorts only channel all their attentions on the gentleman himself.

It is not necessary to have bisexual tendencies in these scenarios as the escorts will not engage with each other at any time. Their focus will be entirely on their own actions and it will be the gentleman who benefits from both escorts pleasing him independently of each other.

For those gents who like to get everyone involved, a duo encounter will require that both duo escorts are bisexual and enjoy the intimate attentions of both their client and each other. Some men like to take a more relaxed approach and spectate at times. Given that voyeurism is the top fantasy for many men, this is not surprising.

The excitement of being present whilst two beauties spend time together and then perhaps join in with them is the ultimate dream of many men. They do not need to be the centre of attention and instead enjoy seeing the effects of pleasure in others. Our duo London escorts know which type of duo date they enjoy and our team can advise clients where necessary.

We do advise this so that each of our valued clients gets to enjoy the exact type of duo escort date he prefers and since sexual orientation is of paramount importance, we encourage clients to let us know which two duo escorts they want to spend time with and whether they prefer their ladies to be bisexual or not before they book.

The information and knowledge that our team possesses about each of our duo escorts is invaluable with these types of dates. Given that these encounters are so intimate it is not surprising that personalities play a big part of overall enjoyment.

To fully enjoy the experience with abandonment all parties must be comfortable with each other and this is especially important with the two London escorts you choose from your duo date. Our team know which escorts get on best with others and which are a dynamic team when it comes to duo encounters in London.

We can advise as to the best combinations so that your tryst is as explosive as you desire. Many other London escort agencies simply book two escorts together without much forethought. As we want our clients to enjoy the most exquisite experience, especially since it is a particular fantasy for many, we pay particular attention to which two duo escorts are combined.

We like to book ladies with similar personalities, equal in their confidence, skills and experience so that our clients fulfil their ultimate desire.

Duo Escorts London

A duo date tends to be enjoyed in the intimacy of a private home or hotel. It is not often that duos are combined with social encounters although it is not unheard of where a gentleman wishes to arrive at a p arty or for a night out with two beauties on his arms. Generally a duo escort date will be at the home of the client or at a hotel in London.

A single hour is often not long enough to fully explore all the possibilities and we encourage clients to book for as long as they are able in order to discover the multiple delights of a duo date. Accessories and toys suitable for couples can be introduced to further enhance the pleasure for all concerned. A duo escort date is more sensory than regular escort encounters. In most cases an intimate tryst between a man and a woman can be a little predictable however given the possibilities an additional person adds, a duo encounter is a fluid and unique experience.

The senses are much more alert and one is influenced much more by stimulation rather than cognitive habit. If you have never experienced intimate time with two companions before now then it is something we can thoroughly recommend.

Threesomes have become much less scandalous than they were. In previous years it was only the pleasure that celebrities and sports stars could enjoy however given the open mindedness and adventurousness of later generations, threesomes are much more common. That is not to say that they are without complications and problems. Generally where a threesome has been experienced it is with three people who know it each other already.

This can lead to problems that could be far reaching in personal and business lives. If a threesome is something you wish to enjoy then we thoroughly recommend making a date with our duo escorts with whom you can enjoy the encounter as a standalone event that will not impinge on your personal, business or social life.

Our Duo escorts are also extremely discreet and all trysts will of course remain confidential. Why run the risk of having your Illicit encounter impact on the rest of your life?

A duo escort date with two of our beautiful London escorts can be the carefree exciting prospect you desire without any further issues so in this respect we would always advise caution when involving anyone who is not as professional as our London escorts. A duo escort date is something that should be enjoyed for the physical pleasure and excitement that it brings without any emotional baggage whatsoever.

For the ultimate no strings attached threesome, our duo London escorts are the ideal choice for gentlemen who want to be the centre of attention with two of our beauties or for those who wish to have their two London escorts engage with each other as well. Why not call and make a date through our experienced London escort agency.